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Not slow web site hosting

This is a shared hosting only. No VPS, no dedicated servers and no domain registration. If all you need is to host a web-site, we can do it.

Why choose us? We have 10+ years of experience. We know how to make your site be as fast as possible. Instead of using slow multicore CPU and thousands of neighbours, we use high frequency processors with lesser cores and low amount of clients per server. Our servers also have only best of the best NVMe drives - Intel Optane.

Below is the list of our current servers. Choose the location for your website closer to your visitors. Choose the price per amount of disk space needed. See what CPU and SSD is used. How many other sites is hosted on selected server. And also you can click on it's name to see the actual server load graphs.

Hosting in Ukraine

ServerPriceFor eachProcessorDiskNeighbours
BOYARKA1DC "The Host" in Boyarka town2.26 USD 2 CHF per month5 Gb space on disk4.0-3.8 GHz 12 threads of Xeon E5-1650v4Intel Optane 900p 480 Gb 3D XPoint254 sites 45 clients

Hosting in Russia

ServerPriceFor eachProcessorDiskNeighbours
MOSCOW1 DC "TECH.RU" in Moscow city2.83 USD 2.5 CHF per month4 Gb space on disk4.5-4.3 GHz 8 threads of Xeon W-2125Intel Optane P4800X 375 Gb 3D XPoint105 sites 17 clients

Your sites is slowing down somewhere on the other web host?

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